środa, kwietnia 09, 2008

That's all folks.


So this is it, two years later, and the posts are done, the EUMBA blog is coming to an end, and in all reality, it's all a bit sad. It's been a hell of a ride, and along the way I met some great people, had some great adventures, and saw some great places. As for all those of you who read this, thanks, if it was any help what so ever, you're welcome, and hopefully some other MBA's will write more blogs to help future prospective students.

As for me. I'm moving to Poland, funny really, it was definitely on the agenda in the future, but destiny apparently has different plans for me. The job is good, I'm happy, I even bought my 1st professional book this week from Amazon :o and long story short, besides making some money, I hope I can also make some good in this world, it needs it. And that's it.... so long, goodbye, aufiderzen, arrivederci, adieu, adeu, sayonara, hamba kahle, dowidzenia and .... ADIOS y con miles de besos!!!!.



Blogger Clear Admit said...

Hi Jacek -

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