środa, czerwca 27, 2007

El Verano esta aqui, y....

... in betwixt everything , I've started painting (see examples), I've been trying to work on these projects, but man, I forgot how hard it is to get motivated when there's nothing really pushing you and the weather's nice. But... I'm trying.

And that's pretty much it.... nothing really exciting other then that.

poniedziałek, czerwca 18, 2007

When buying your next laptop, remember to research thoroughly.

I “unfortunately” own a dell. 6400 here in the EU, and E1505 in the States, I bought a Dell, because I had a dell, a nifty little 8200 that was tough, ran splendidly and never had any problems. So I figure, Dell’s a good company, they have good laptops, might as well go get another one.

Worst decision of my life. Why? Well I think I wrote about this but during the finals for term 2 I had hard drive failure, complete, and could not access my PC at all. Perfect for when you have to study.

Then my screen gets some strange stains that I absolutely cannot get rid of, and now, I can’t charge my battery because the power adapter is garbage, and it went right ahead and broke itself.

So today I am going to call support which in all likelihood will tell me that I cannot get support here in Spain because I bought the laptop in the U.S. (this will probably result as part of Dell’s new business model to push many support options onto its users, in hopes of generating higher revenues). But little do they know, that a crap product is still a crap product. I think I’ve said this before. My next laptop, is a Mac.

wtorek, czerwca 05, 2007

After our last final a bunch of us went to the beach....

.... this is what we looked like. Now strategy week, and over with Year 1. Also, I got a 9.5 /10 in Strategy Implementation, Master Honors :D Super cool.