poniedziałek, marca 31, 2008

Ciao di Milano

Ciao Tutti, e Bienviunto di Milano, plus strange train people and feeling like poop (can you see the exhaustion on my faccia?)

Greetings from Milano, here until late Monday, and then back to BCNa, and to tell you the most utter of truths, the Catalan Capital is much more aesthetically pleasing than Italy’s fashion capital. I even think I wrote about this before, but other than the D’Uomo and the Chiesa next to it, there’ really nothing much to the city on a day to day basis – though - it does look better at 16C rather than 45C.

Anyways, took Malpensa Express to get here today, pull out my laptop and am taking care of some everyday things, and some strange guy just keeps on looking at me, so I acknowledge him, by nodding, and there’s the opener.

“Hi, I’m a pilot, I like to tell people what to do, I’m a type A personality person, you know, a libertarian really, the problem with America these days is people are helping each other instead of being competitive, that’s the reason for today’s economy, and not to mention all the Democrat’s fault. McCain wants to change things a bit, but he’s too weak, you know I don’t pay for gas, I burn coal, those liberals saying it’s global warming, everyone knows it’s cyclical – hate, hate, hate…. “

And the irony behind all this is that while he complained about what is wrong is with America, he in fact was what is wrong with America. Funny.

Finally, feeling like poop. Had another sneezing fit, resulting in a bloody nose yesterday morning, three sneezing fits later, have a sore throat, and totally messed up sleeping schedule. YEY!!!!! I love it.

Finally, someone has been calling me, three times today, but the number is hidden. So I haven't the clue who it is, and feel that it's important, but I can't get back to them - which is annoying.

piątek, marca 28, 2008

Goodbye everybody, I’m heading home, I’m heading home.

Some people have already left, others, are leaving today, this weekend, yet others still - early next week. Truth be told, its pretty sad, we saw someone who shall remain nameless almost break down in tears because we’re all heading in our different ways. Relationships are falling apart, some getting stronger. For those of us who have jobs or plan on staying in Europe, things will be easier, small continent and we can always fly to meet one another in any given city. With those in Asia, Australia, Africa, the Americas, it’s going to be a different story. But one thing is certain, the past 18 months brought all of us closer, and we’ve all made some amazing friends. So for anyone in the class who is reading this. Thanks for being there, through the thick and thin.

niedziela, marca 16, 2008

MBA is Done and Done (almost)

Graduated! My dad left today back to NY, mom is still here with my cousin until Wednesday. Still need to finish a few final things, like write a paper about Memling’s Pieta, but other than that I’m pretty much done. It’s a bit strange though, knowing that until I actually start working I’ve pretty much got nothing to do.

Which I have to say, is super super nice!!! Finally a chance to sit back, relax and do nothing for a few days. Can’t wait.

As for work, well, have two more offers that came in this week, and everything is starting to fall into place, only problem is that each one of these offers has something to do in or with Poland, and I don’t know if I should go or try to get to London, or perhaps stay here, and there’s the possibility of moving to Milan as well.

Long story short, we’ll see where we wind up after all this. That is still yet undecided. ☺

poniedziałek, marca 10, 2008

Musical MBA Students in Barcelona

So this is one of the songs we plan to play tomorrow, can you tell it's our 1st jam session ever? Pretty bad, huh!? Anyways watch out tomorrow for Herr Donovan, Mssr. Omar, and Pan Jacek to show the world that MBA students are much more diverse than just compound interest and strategy loving geeks. Well... at least at ESADE ;)

niedziela, marca 09, 2008

Graduation: Friday

Crazy, huh?! Well, we graduate Friday, and it's all over. 18 months of super fun, super intense, super duper MBA. But it's not all over yet... so chin up. :)

This week sees me, playing live for the 1st time in Barcelona, I figured, since were all to be leaving soon, might as well throw together a nifty little concert (ish type thing). It's Tuesday by the way, at Jazz Si if any would like to come. Starting 8:00pm. If in ESADE just ask someone form the 2nd year to Fwd you the address.

Also, as a result of my MBA Blogger Fame (sarcasm here) I was recognized on the street by a current 1st year IESE student. Super funny.

On a more MBA like note, I got an offer, and I've been milling it over, still don't know if I should take it, and going to write the company asking about their ops, long term strategy, etc... need to be educated when it comes to making a post MBA decision. As for other jobs, still waiting, and still stressed out - albeit not that much.

Oh... and as a last thing, for those reading this here blog from post 1. Well, if you remember, which I only assume not many of you do, I got a laptop at the beginning of all this, and 2 years later, while it still works ok, there are some things I just can't do with it, like make a proper movie of Africa, or record a proper song because Dell just wont put a decent sound card in, and as such, I've swithced to the following..............

środa, marca 05, 2008

Solo una pregunta.

What do you think about yourself?