poniedziałek, sierpnia 27, 2007

You guys know that rag, The Economist?

Funny thing happened just recently, I was reading a post on some tech blog about a Web 3.0 (or the Semantic web as some like to call it) company, and the article mentioned the Economist, and that Economist readers happen to have a certain unspoken bond with one another, a certain Je ne se quoi, but when you see someone at the airport, or the train, or even a café reading the magazine… well you just can’t help but smile a little.

So why this post about The Economist? Because I recently remembered how I got introduced to it, and I think it would be super cool to hear some of your experiences. For me it happened on Metro North RR in NY, coming back to Westchester… I don’t know the day, moth, or even year, but it was either in College, or just thereafter. I know it was the 1.30 am train, the last one up north, and I saw some guy reading the economist in the adjacent seat. What caught my interest was the cover story, and to be honest, I don’t remember what it was but, I kept looking over at the magazine, as the man next to me flipped from article to article, and eventually I asked him what he was reading. He told me, “The economist”, and sure enough as I got back home, a bit tipsy from the evening’s booze I think, I totally forgot about it.

Until, I found myself in a bookstore, and the trademark “The Economist” written in white on the signature red block caught my attention, and it all came back to me. I flipped through the pages, and bought the rag, and… well, the rest is history. Now I’ve got a subscription.

So… anyone else want to share???? Come on now.

środa, sierpnia 22, 2007

Lazy August Post.

Blog Entry # 94

Captain’s Log: It was another splendid holiday, this time in the Andalucia sector, we covered most of what we had planned, including, Sevilla, Cadiz, Tarifa, Marbella, and Granada, although Al-Hambra was missed due to some issues, such as our Citroen C2 Spaceship being towed by the Grenadian Parking Conclave.

The one thing that we did not get to see was the solar power tower just south of Seville, due to Google (Intergalactic) Maps giving us directions to go into the center of some tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. Regardless the Holiday went well, and neither Misha nor I killed each other, as was the analysis of our trip by certain parties.

On a final note however, I will not recommend Marbella to anyone, ever, the place was just awful though it did lead to a funny one liner by a New Yorker regarding the joint “Yo, keep Marbella on the DL, aite?” He… will not be getting an MBA from ESADE.

Blog Entry # 94.1

Captain’s Log: Spent one day on the Planet of Barcelona and then set sail for the nice, but somewhat strange planet of Sweden, Stockholm to be exact. Long story short, the country really is beautiful, the people are super nice, but a few things were a bit strange, for example the queues, everyone queues for everything, to the bar, the club, the counter, to ask a question, to get into a tramway. I heard the Swedes liked their queues but I never would have thought that it was a national pastime. Regardless, the food was great, and the whole stay was awesome. I spent one wonderful and adventuresome day in the archipelago, on an island called Moja, where I was attacked by a swarm of ultra large mutant space mosquitoes (hate the buggers), luckily I fought them off, and can tell the tale of my daring and courageous escape ;)

I finally came back a bit over a week ago to Barcelona, right at the beginning of Gracia festival, which … as we say in the trade “was more fun than a bushel full of midgets doing the can can all dressed up in animal outfits on a dew filled morning in the Adirondacks”. Don’t ask what it means, we just say it.

Until next time. Cap’n out.