wtorek, listopada 21, 2006

Actualidad Económica - 9 Noviembre - ESADE y Yo (Yo means I in Spanish)

La primera cosa, padrón mi español. En verdad. Eso es la primera vez yo soy un serio estudiante de esta idioma, y aunque querría hablar, escribir, bueno, simple no puedo después un mes de los clases. Vale, non paso nada, yo escribe porque en 9 de Noviembre nosotros (ESADE) eran en el artículo en Actualidad Económica. Y cuando yo digo nosotros, es en realidad, NOS OTROS! Mira. A bajo tienes un “scan” de una pagina. Y esto es nuestra clase en la disertación de Managerial Accounting. ¿Puedes verme? Jaja.

Ok… for all you non Spanglophones. ESADE was in the Nov. 9th edition of Actualidad Económica, see if you can spot me?

And by the way… for some reason whenever they take a picture of me here at ESADE they always get my bad side. First the CV book, now this… I mean really. ;)

They weren’t kidding 1st term is a lot of work – and I’m playing footyball.

At this rate, it looks like I’m going to apologize for not posting every post. So what I’m going to do here is apologize for all the future posts that will come late and or be senseless.

Now, the workload just keeps on piling up, and the fact that I was sick didn’t help the situation much either. Truth be told, I feel a little overwhelmed with all they have us doing. Last week for example, I got home from school at 22:30, and it’s approximately half past midnight and I just got into bed from reading Financial Analysis. I guess this is why they call MBA’s prep for i-Bankers…

… despite not having much time to lounge around, drink beers, and philosophize the deeper meaning of life, I’ve decided to join the ESADE footy-ball team, a.k.a. Football, and Soccer in North America. They’re apparently playing in some sort of tournament now, but practice is on Wednesday, and I have my cleats ready to be purchased after school tomorrow (thanks mom and dad for sending them over, like I asked 12 bagillion times)…

… next up, we have internships. And that means, cold calling season is here. I’ve basically narrowed it down to about 8 companies, the top being the EMI Group, Sony-BMG UK, Warner Music Group UK, and a special one that I’m keeping secret (for fear of competition from anyone else reading this blog), if any of these don’t work out there’s a few indy’s as well as Universal, and a slew of Industry that catches my interest as well.

Lastly, it looks like there’s now a 50/50 chance of us working towards developing a business plan for this company idea I came up with a while ago, too bad there’s no time to really sink our teeth in this term, and yes I know, I could forego the footyball, but that would mean more jamon, more tapas, more, bocadillos, and a more rotund Jacek, and I’m pretty sure no one wants that. I sure know I don’t.

Until next time…

niedziela, listopada 12, 2006


So, I've been asked by Social from MBASA (Student Association) to design their flyers. I did the 1st one for Halloween and now one for the Holidays, it's nice you know, to give back and use my talents for the betterment of mankind ;). Kidding, but I do like it, and it is fun. Also, we had our 1st Entrepreneurial Club meeting this past Friday, there's a lot to accomplish, but everyone is motivated and it looks like we can make a large impact on the club this year - so I'll say that I'm a bit excited about that as well.

That's more or less it, we had our 1st Managerial Accounting Test this week, and I think it went fairly well. I'm loving Geopolitics more with every coming session and am a bit sad that it has to end in December, and same goes for Organizational Behavior, which really should be called Business Philosophy. So much fun!

And now I leave you with a smidgebit of my artistic work.