czwartek, września 20, 2007

On top of Lion's Head - Cape Town - Repubic of South Africa

Cape Town in the Background, and more pictures coming to my flickr in just a few days time. By the way, so far so good, the town is awesome, and I've been traveling with one of my house mates. Still waiting for others to arrive. Till next time.

poniedziałek, września 03, 2007

This post has absolutely nothing to do with anything, except…

You know, Barcelona is a great town, mountains, beach, good weather, nice architecture, great night life, and friends to boot. Heck, I would even say that I’m starting to become part of the community, or at least I feel like it because the ladies who sell fruit, fish and meat at the Mercado even say hola to me on occasion. But there is just one thing that I absolutely despise. Noise. Yeah, living in New York wasn’t exactly the country side either, but at least there, I wasn’t woken up daily at 3am by the garbage men, at 8am by the parade of scooters with shoddy mufflers, by the ambulances, by the honking, yelling screaming at all hours of the day. Maybe it’s my neighborhood, maybe not. But I swear, after I get out of here, one of the things on my requirements list for a flat is going to be genuine seclusion, calm, tranquility and silence.

sobota, września 01, 2007

.... time is running out

As in time until I fly off to South Africa, and I have to say that the fever is starting to get a hold of me. Meaning, I’m getting really excited about this trip. I’ve picked most of the courses that I want to take, and have pretty much gotten myself a place to stay. Thus far with 3 Americans and 2 Danes, it’s in a big villa. The place is super nice, and having at least some sort of certainty down there has made my stress levels go down quite a bit.

Now, if I understand the UCT course schedule properly, classes should end in November, which in my opinion is very early, and on one side of the situation, it means that I will probably bust my little behind for October, and some of November and then have a month to travel around Southern Africa, which in its own respect is amazing.

So it may be just the excitement speaking, but I would really love to (apart from R.S.A.) see parts of Namibia, Botswana, and if time allows Mozambique, and maybe even, should I be lucky enough, Malawi. But for now, that’s all just hopeful dreaming.

On a more serious, and MBA note, I’ve been putting some more work into this business plan of mine, but will need someone with some knowledge of Auto CAD to help me with initial designs, and I’ve also started on the official job search, meaning, identifying the companies that I’m planning on applying to.