wtorek, lipca 31, 2007

Weekend in the north (of Italy) ... a summary.

Wow, … um, ok… well I went to Italy 2 weekends ago, Milan was Milan, dirty, and a smoldering pan of tar. According to a pharmacy thermometer, the temperature read 47C in the sun. Having walked around the city for six plus hours, and taken the tourist bus, I was more than satisfied to leave the Italian capital of fashion and finance for some peace and quiet of Turin. Eugenio, a classmate of mine was putting me up for the weekend, a favor I would return the weekend afterwards, and we arrived in the home of the Fiat at twilight. The city was much more beautiful and scenic than I had imagined, with rolling tree covered hills, houses hidden in nooks, and the city itself, painted white, with straight alleys and boulevards, or so it seemed at night, almost majestic I would say. The food, as tends to be in this part of the world was magnificent, and made me really not look forward to having to return to the bocadillo, tortilla, and patatas bravas, which stand out far and beyond the other two culinary disasters mentioned here (in my most humble of opinions).

All was going well, and relaxation was setting in, the quiet of the hills, coupled with the food, and the much cooler weather was settling into my bones, giving me the rest I so needed after Barcelona. When on Saturday, we decided to go out. Given the party was good, as most parties always are, but the following day, with what some may call a raging hangover, I found out that neither Eugenio nor I wanted to go out that night; all my relaxation, evaporated, gone… but that is life; full of mistakes and unspoken words.

On Sunday we returned to Milan, with Eugenio’s ex girlfriend’s mother in the front seat. Knowing she would come, it was my intention to take a nap while heading back, but with the woman taking nonsense the entire way there, it was hardly possible. The next day I flew home, with my Italian having improved significantly in just the few days I was there.

Upon arriving back to Barcelona, it soon became evident that the light were out in most of the city, and thus could not do my wash, could just sweat in my flat. Later that night we went to the Montjuic outdoor cinema with some 1st years, who left early as the film left a lot to be desired. And that is that, the last two weeks were uneventful. But this Friday, Misha and I set off for a long weekend excursion to Andalucía, news will be provided with some delay, and then there’s the Gracia festival, after which I am sure I will need another holiday.

As for work – I’ve started a new, and things are progressing slowly, but at least they’re moving. Pictures of Italy, should be on Flickr within the week. Cheers.

środa, lipca 18, 2007

Worst idea ever?

So... spent most of the day working, getting stuff in prder for when I come back from Italy Monday, organizing thoughts, and basically getting ready to get back into the run of things with this biz plan, when on techcrunch.com I came across 3D E-MAIL!!!! and after looking at the below clip, I've come to the conclusion that if people paid money to have this thing developed, getting cash for my idea should be a sinch.

Enjoy... and btw.... http://www.3dmailbox.com/ <-- it's not a joke.

poniedziałek, lipca 16, 2007

Wait, what, huh????

It’s summer, I’m pale, and I lost most of my work. Ain’t life grand. Well at least for one project.

Yep… haven’t a clue as to how it happened, but I go to open the file I’ve been using to work on my business plan, and poof. It’s gone, reverted to something I had in early June. So a month’s worth of work, down the drain. Not cool to say the least. Worst of all, I tried every trick in the book, and could no nothing to get the work back. So back to the drawing board, at least this time around I know where to look and what to do, so it should take me a bit less time to get the same amount of work completed.

Also, I’m pale. Summer in BCN and I am super pale. How lame is that, apparently spending most of my time indoors isn’t really helping too much with the bronzing of my skin, on the bright side though I’m putting off having more of those unavoidable wrinkles until the future. Touché.

And finally, I totally forgot about booking my room and getting some of the nitty gritty finished for South Africa, which I’ve been taking of today, and plan to hopefully have everything squared away by the time I head off for Milan. (Thursday).

niedziela, lipca 01, 2007

who wants RAM!?

not much has happened since the last post. I'm super busy, working on average between 10-14 hour days. Funny thing is about two years ago I would have called myself an idiot, now, I actually like it. And on a personal note, there's nothing like going pale during the summer in BCN... yeah, I spend too much time indoors.

On that note, I've decided to upgrade to 2GB Ram, bought from the UK, as I wound up paying about 15 Euro less for it w/ s&h than here in Spain. Why... because I tend to run too many apps at once and need it. So.... if anyone needs 512MB modules of stock Dell 6400/E1505 Ram, let me know. I got 'em cheap. ;)

Finally.... I'm looking into getting my Polish drivers license, and may need to shoot over there for it, and would really like to visit Sevilla and a friend in Milan this summer, problem is when. There's never enough time for anything. Bah... time for sleep. Buenas....